Land Plan Layout

I am hoping to import a screenshot from google maps. On top of that screenshot, I’d like to model a plan of roads, driveways, and structures to be built on the screenshotted plot of land. All of what I wish to do is two dimensional. Any recommendations to a new sketchup user? When should I move my model into LayOut?

Personally I would do the drawing in SketchUp. Then send to LayOut. If you decide later you want to go 3D, you won’t have to start over.

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Try placing a locked component containing a transparent face just above the satellite image to place work on and avoid z-flashing.

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Check out our full-length course on SketchUp Campus for Landscape and Site Design. Secifically: Importing and tracing over images:

And later, importing existing open data sources (to hopefully save you some modeling effort): and