Calculating acreage for curved plots

Using the free version until further notice. If I’ve chosen a specific size for a repeating size plot, how could I use that to calculate the remaining 1+ repeating plots in a circle? I’m starting off with a 2D representation before I go wild playing with building 3D models onto it.

Are you asking how to rotate/copy a shape of some kind (plot) within a circle? If so, select the object and press the Q key (shortcut for rotate), then press control (if chromebook means windows), and turn and copy. If you know how many degrees, after you click you can type that and it will appear in the measurement box (Dont click in the measurement box.). If you don’t know how many degrees to rotate, you can click and then move the cursor where you want to place it. Someone will probably swoop in to this post who can demonstrate this in a video clip.
Have you looked into Entity Info. It should show the area not acreage.

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Somewhat to a degree. I don’t have a reliable pc just yet. I have played with it on a chromebook that won’t charge, so I have to coax the finniky charge port to keep it on. I’ll try it out if it’ll let me.

As I told you in a reply in the other thread, you need to give more specific information about what you are doing. What exactly are you modeling? If you’ve chosen a size for a plot, draw that shape. Then you can use Move/Copy or Rotate/Copy to make additional copies of it.

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I thought it was specific enough, but I hadn’t gotten far enough to fine tune the thread quite yet. For years, I’ve been working on a city based on a pattern I haven’t been able to design electronically yet. For now it’s all on paper and have been painstakingly color coding everything on printouts I then tape together. The finished work would be the size of a wall.

Once the OP gets to a PC he’ll hopefully be able to upload a skp to his post.

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If he can use SketchUp Free, he should be able to do it now.

Good, I don’t know much about “Chrome.” I thought it was the shiny part of a hub cap or something.


I had to edit my comment to add on to it.

Once I have a reliable computer, this process should go much much more smoothly so I can eventually print it out and laminate it so I can use dry erase markers on it.

Interesting hobby you have there.

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Thank you. I’ve been working on this for 10+ years whenever I have the time and energy.

Needless to say, this project has grown its own eyes to stare at me to ensure I stick with it.

FWIW, you might want to look into getting a proper computer first and then springing for SketchUp Pro. That will allow you to create a larger model (you may still need to split the city into precincts if it’s large enough) and Pro would give you LayOut which will allow you to display your city on large sheets which can be exported as PDFs and sent to someone who can print on large paper.

If you were to print from SketchUp Free you’d be limited to the paper size your printer can handle.

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FWIW? Not sure what it means.

FWIW = For What It’s Worth

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