Label tool - creating bounded multi-line text block

I would like to use the LABEL tool to support multi-line text block similar to the TEXT tool as to avoid pressing return. I cannot seem to modify the text block size regardless of the bounded or unbounded options. Layout 2020.

Much appreciated.
LeTourneau Architecture


I just figured it out. You must double click the leader line not the text block. Perhaps this is not consistent with the TEXT tool in which you single click the text block to modify the size of the text block. Sorry to post prematurely.

Think of the label text box with its leader as a special sort of group. If you double click on the text in the label you can edit the text just like you can with a regular text block. As you found, double clicking on the leader allows you to access the text box without opening it to edit the text inside. Then, just as with a regular text block, you can resize it.

What is it you’re putting in the label text that makes you want to avoid using Enter. I would rather determine exactly where I line ends in the label or in any text block using Enter instead of resizing the text box.

Thank you very much… I am finding with my architectural details I have 40 word in a block and I have to massage the location of these text block to fit. So auto text wrap is a nice feature.

You could do that massaging of the text in a word editor and then copy and paste the text into the label text block

I’ve found that the hotkeys for adjusting text size are useful for quick adjustments to make things fit (can be done without opening Text panel or clicking into the group). Or you could consider putting that long of text in a dedicated Notes section (even though that’s slower to read).