Layout 2020 labels can't be resized

Since upgrading from 2019 to 2020, I can’t resize labels in Layout anymore. When a label is too long, I normally select the label then resize by grabbing a corner and dragging to make the text box shorter in length and taller in height enough to accommodate 2 or more lines of text. Now this doesn’t work, the label just snaps back to a single line label after trying to resize.

Layout is also slower in general now.

i7-8750H, 16G RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

If you want to convert a single line of text to multiple lines, edit the text box and add a carriage return (click where you want the line to end and press enter.)

Thanks for the reply!
I’m pulling instance data from Sketchup that I want. It’s populating fine, but I’m unable to resize like I used to.

I’m indeed able to type in information and carriage return, but the resize feature that existed in earlier versions of Layout allow for resizing by changing the size of the label text box. Was this feature removed in this update? There’s no provision for adding a carriage return when referring to data created in Sketchup.

It was changed at some point. What data is it that you are creating in SketchUp to use for labels in LayOut?

I create exhibition floorplans. Artwork is a grouped object, it’s given an identification code for reference in the “Instance” field of the Entity Info module.


I hadn’t noticed this either. Label text doesn’t wrap automatically, unlike text boxes. Haven’t got the older versions on my machine to test, but it feels like a regression. @trent ?

Edit: Double-clicking on the leader puts me in “edit mode” where the text box size controls appear. Double-clicking on the text part puts me in “text edit mode”.
So, labels CAN be resized. I cannot remember if it worked differently before.

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Thank you. You got back to this before I did.

Brilliant, thanks all!

Edit: marked Anssi’s post as solution, thanks.

Maybe you should mark Anssi’s post as the solution.

Hi all, we did make some tweaks with 2019 to 2020 on how we handle manipulating the bounding box as you have described.

For the record we do recommend editing as Anssi has described by entering the label edit, double clicking on the leader. This has been the editing behavior of LayOut as far back as I can find.