Keyshot plugin


Hi there, i need some help with a Keyshot plugin. I downloaded it o the extension warehouse, installed using preferences>extensions>install extension and it said successful, however, I can’t figure out how to export the file for keyshot. Any advice?


Hello @intern

We unfortunately can’t provide support for 3rd part Extensions. Unless a community member has experience with this issue and knowledge around the Keyshot plugin then I would recommend getting in touch with them directly:


But, it seems that Keyshot supports these file types, which SketchUp also supports:

  • Collada
  • ACAD (.dwg, .dxf) - *This is a Pro only feature
  • 3DS (.3ds)

Follow this link to see export options from SketchUp:

It seems that Keyshot may be outdated and not keeping up with our releases because as stated here: It supports “SketchUp 8 and prior” files, and we are now on SketchUp 2015.



Do you downloaded the correct version?
There is on extension Warehouse two versions. For Keyshot 4 and for Keyshot 5.