KeyShot 10 plugin for Sketchup Pro 2021

Hello everyone, well…I got the Sketchup maintenance and decided to go ahead and install Sketchup Pro 2021. That all seemed to go ok, but I really prefer to render my Sketchup drawings using KeyShot. I think the colors are so much nicer and also one can add gloss effects. Anyway, I’ve been using Sketchup since about 2013, and have had good success with the KeyShot plugin, but, alas, when I load SketchupPro 2021, it returns the error message that it was not able to load the KeyShot 10 plugin that allows Sketchup Drawing files to be pulled into KeyShot. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks Dr. Gray

Contact the Keyshot author and see if they have a version that will work in SketchUp 2021 or if they plan to update it.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version.

Thanks for your kind help, Mike. This is what I did and it does not work for Sketchup Pro 2021, and KeyShot says it only goes up to Sketchup Pro 2020, and I re-opened my Sketchup file in Sketchup Pro 2020 and the KeyShot plugin worked fine. Of course, if I edit my Sketchup file in Pro 2021, then that file can’t be brought into KeyShot. I have a support question with KeyShot, but their website says they don’t do support questions on the weekend. Sigh. Dr. Gray

Thanks for your kind help Dave, but I think I’m going to have to wait. I have a support question with KeyShot, but their website says they don’t do support questions on the weekend. Sigh. It just seemed to me that as unimportant as I am, that someone else would have figured out this issue and sent a note to KeyShot. I am hoping it is not something really complicated. KeyShot images from Sketchup files (in my opinion) are truly pretty if one has the time to get everything “just so” Dr. Gray

Evidently they haven’t updated to support SketchUp 2021. I guess since you can always save back to SU2020 from 2021, that ought to keep you moving forward until they do support 2021.

Hello again Dave, I let Sketchup send it out as an fbx, 250mb, whew, imported it into KeyShot, the KeyShot file is 169mb. Did a 4.5 min png render in KeyShot, only got to 10 samples, but it is an aileron of a flying drone that I was emphasizing and it looks ok (for 10 samples) in KeyShot, the original png from that is 34mb, so I shrunk it to 2.8mb, but it still seems pretty to me, so I’ll see if they will get their plugin working. Step by step. pg