Keyframe Animation_Exporting on a Mac

I have the extension: Keyframe Animation 2.0.
Running SketchUp Pro 19 on a MacBook on the latest OS.

How do you export keyframe animation on a Mac…? When I try it states that this feature is not available on a Mac.
Am I overlooking something or is there a work around for this…?


I tried it, and you can export as an image sequence. You can use QuickTime Player to open the sequence and export a video.

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I’ll give it a shot… Thanks for the tip

I tried it out as suggested and the resolution was ‘very’ poor. There was no way to choose a higher resolution within QuickTime Player, just defaulted to only one option which is ‘Actual Size’. Is there a way to prepare the CAD within SketchUp before exporting as an image sequence, or perhaps I am not understanding this properly…? Any advice would be helpful :slight_smile: Thank you!

You set the resolution while exporting. Then in QuickTime Player you can still change it to be 4k, or some other size.

Here’s an export done at 30 fps, 3840x2160, and exported as 4k from QuickTime Player. As I type this YouTube has processed the SD and HD versions, it isn’t quite done with the 4k version:

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Thank you. This was helpful and it worked :slight_smile: