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I asked Helen, and it seems she has been known to be on the phone more in the past, but in the case of the scale figure, that was just done as a set of components for people to use. They wanted someone to be holding a phone. Later on the same component was used in the web version of SketchUp.

One funny bit of trivia, Helen replaced Josh, and Josh was the one that created the Helen figure. He helped to seal his fate.

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When will we be seeing you, @colin ?

My avatar here is taken from my face me character that I drew (and Josh helped to tidy up). You can search for Colin face me in 3D Warehouse to get the model.

I haven’t heard who will be the figure in upcoming versions, but I don’t think it will be me any time soon.

Well, that’s good. I’m just glad that they didn’t portray her texting.

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