Keyboard shortcut for hide command

what is the keyboard shortcut to hide and unhide? thanks

There isn’t one. You can right click on an entity and choose Hide. You can unhide from the Display panel or you can expose Hidden geometry and then right click on the hidden entity and unhide it.

You can download the desktop version and set up your own shortcut. I prefer Ctrl+H, but many people use H.

I do. The default for H is Pan (hand cursor) but IMO all the functions performed by my mouse wheel don’t need a shortcut.

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I started using Ctrl+H because H was taken, but as you say there isn’t much of a reason to use H for Pan. If I wasn’t so used to Ctrl+H already I would probably switch, and when thinking of it H is the choice I’d recommend to new users setting up shortcuts.

I actually decided there is. In orthographic views, i.e. not perspective, I might need to pan over without accidentally orbiting the view, that I use the pan tool. Working quickly, it has happened so often that I accidentally orbited slightly out of true plan/elevation, that I now use the H key for pan just for that case. That way I’m absolutely certain not to mess it up.

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I’m not sure if this thread is exclusively for SU Web, but it inspired me to make a shortcut change on my Mac. Using OSX Keyboard Shortcut preferences, I first changed the “Hide SketchUp” and “Hide Others” shortcuts to something obscure that I would never use (I don’t need this shortcut in SU and it doesn’t affect other apps). This frees up ⌘H and ⇧⌘H which I assigned to “Hide” and “All” in the OSX preferences. This overwrote the non-intuitive ⌘E and ⇧⌘E shortcuts provided in SU. Note that these changes were NOT done in the SU shortcuts menu, just OSX. However, I did add Ctrl+H for View/Component Edit/Hide Rest of Model in the SU Shortcuts Preference. Part of me wanted to change the Pan shortcut, but lacking a logical substitute, I decided to leave it as H. Otherwise, I now have my main hiding functions controlled by some combination of modifier keys + H.

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