Keyboard shortcut for closing Materials WIndow?


Hi Folks,

I use a keyboard shortcut to open the Materials window but have always had to close it manually, by moving the mouse to the window close button on the window.

Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut for CLOSING the window?




the same shortcut ‘toggles’ the window open/closed on a mac, pc version is possibly the same…


Hi John,

Thanks for your response.

I’m on a Mac too.


Not on my machine. I use “c” to open the materials window. When I press “c” again it does not close.

Is that not the case for you???



B is the default on PC as in paint Bucket. But it doesn’t close it.


On Mac, it’s the system default of command-shift-C (it’s the same as ALL Mac apps), and command-shift-C will toggle it between show & hide.


Well I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher.

It works!

Thanks Barry.

But, I’m puzzled about the Mac convention. On the Apple website for keyboard shortcuts it describes Command-Shift-C as “Open the computer window”, which to me is really unclear. This keyboard shortcut does not, for example, work in SU to open and close a different window (e.g. Model Info window).

Any insight here?



Command-Shift-C is the Finder shortcut for opening a Finder window at the “computer” level. It’s really handy if you’re ejecting SD cards and USB drives, for example. Finder doesn’t have a use for the color palette. Mail on the other does, in case you want to change the text color. Command-Shift-C works there too. I tried Keynote as well, still works.

Doesn’t mean that Adobe and others will use those keys, but for the standard OS X apps that do need to show the color palette, I expect they will use the same keys.


About SketchUp and Mac shortcuts, it depends on the nature of the window. The model info is really a regular window, and although you can open it with Command-Shift-i, that shortcut is just for opening it. You close it with Command-w. Fonts is a regular Mac palette, and does open and close with Command-t. Entity Info is different, it’s a collapsable palette. Command-i will open it expanded the first time, then after that it toggles with the palette is expanded or not.

So, though it’s a bit strange and apparently inconsistent, it’s because the windows are different types.