Keaton Music Typewriter Final model

I saw a picture of this and thought “this might be fun to model”. It’s been more like a “Hold my beer” experience.

I’m a bit burned out on it for the moment, so I thought I’d share where I’ve gotten. I’ll probably return to it and try to finish, but there’s a lot more work to do on it.

There are a lot of things wrong with it, I had to guess about almost everything.

This is sort of a mashup of the four of five pictures I found of it, apparently, it was a work in progress for Mr. Keaton also.


Holy smokes! That’s fantastic. Does that type one clef at time and you have to put them together?

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Thank you @pbacot, I can’t imagine how long it took Mr. Keaton to figure this out. His first patent application was very different from his final product.

I’m guessing it would be rather tedious to use. The lever on the left sets the position on the staff, so to “type” a chord you would move that up or down for each note. The right side of the mechanism is fixed while the left side runs up and down the track. The paper is clamped to a second track (that I’ve not modeled yet) and is slid up or down to position the staves.

This is the full typewriter,

in all it’s “portable” glory.

This is a short clip of it in action, the only one I could find and it’s poor.

Keaton Music Typewriter Clip

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We got it so easy with Garage Band etc. It reminds me how people perform elaborate work and do fantastic things with a fraction of the technology we have today (like go to the moon).

Oh it’s portable!

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After a few days off from this, I finished it (at least I’m call it done).
There’s still a lot wrong with it and details I faked in because they weren’t clear in the images I was working from.

Keaton Model


Wonderful model!
It’s like my Porsche-Project: remodeling according to Photos.
My credo about Sketchup: Thinking and drawing in 3D.


You just wrote SketchUp’s (new) manual.


Thanks, Torsten. I’d followed you Porsche build and a great as it looked I’d have thought you had a copy of the engineering blueprints.

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