1940 Seeburg Jukebox

Even though I got a bit carried away with it, I was pleased with the final outcome.
I posted this before on another site, so some of you have seen it, sorry to bore you.


1940 Seeburg Jukebox


Looks fantastic, and VERY like the pictures. Lovely bit of modelling.

What (if any) renderer did you use?

Nice model! Did you have an actual unit to study?

Very nice model. When I was a lot younger I used to be fascinated by the jukebox models that showed the actual mechanism with its robot arms shuffling records to and from the turntable.

Thank you John, I used nXt Render.

Thank you Tom.
No, I did not have access to an actual jukebox. The pictures I’ve posted with the model I took at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum. I found several more reference images and the dimensions for the height, width and depth online.

Thank you also Anssi, when I was a LOT younger I got change from my parents more to watch the records change that to listen to the songs. So I know what you mean.

Steve aka whiterabbitdesigncompany was kind enough to do a kicking render of my model. A tip of the hat to you Steve!