KBIS email invitation from Sketchup

I received an email invitation from Sketchup@sketchup.com to an online 4 day webinar series given by KBIS. The invite says there is free admission with an included code “Sketchup21.” The link is to a site that wants a sign in to register with email and password. Not having a password I asked for a reset. The email I received back from KBIS said I did not have an account. A phone number to call was included but when called a voice message said the number was no longer connected. Anyone know if this a real invitation and real event? Thanks. Bob 2021-02-02_11-44-08.pdf (196.0 KB)

When you go to the KBIS page, just click the big Begin 2021 Virtual Registration button to begin your registration…

NOTE: KBIS is not our event, we are simply offing a code so that people can attend for free!

Thanks Aaron. The item in the yellow box pops in after a second or two so I didn’t see it the first time.


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