Free Web SketchUp


First, I’m so sad that SketchUp free has moved to the web. Hopefully it works well.

I’ve tried to sign up for it, but I never get my email. I’ve checked the junk folder,etc. How can this be corrected?




Can you edit your thread’s title to the actual question/issue, not the name of the product? Most threads in this forum are about this product so it doesn’t tell readers much.

SketchUp Make still exists, and can be downloaded (unsupported).

You should have gotten an email. If you looked in the correct mailbox and it’s not in the junk folder, then try registering again. Does it work with a different email address?
I’ve had websites where I registered and did not get an email, because

  • the email was not sent because the service was down or the website database reset to a previous timepoint
  • the email provider was blacklisted for no reasonable reason and no error was returned to the user
  • the administrator deleted spam by just deleting all new registrations (This does not happen at SketchUp)
  • I simply oversaw it in the inbox


Occasionally we have to manually reset the account on our end and then resend the link to set your password. I’ll send you a DM to get you squared away.


Thanks Aerilius! They certainly hide the fact that SketchUp Make exists. I still haven’t found a link on the site, but Google knew where to look. Working in SketchUp while I had dead time on a plane was one of the ways I liked to use the product, hard to do with a web version.


There are several direct links, including within the web version.
But here you go.