Just upgraded MacBook Pro and Command C copy not working

just upgraded MacBook Pro and to 2023… Command C copy not working, any suggestions ?

What did you upgrade? Was SketchUp 2023 already installed? The operating system? Command-C is a hard-coded OS shortcut. Maybe try a cold reboot of the computer.

Your profile says your operating system is “iOS”. That’s the iPad OS, not an OS for MacBook PRo. Which operating system and version are you using?

As @DaveR wrote, cmd-c (copy), cmd-x (cut), and cmd-v (paste) are all built-in macOS shortcuts, not anything specific to SketchUp. Do they work in other apps? Could you be pressing ctrl instead of cmd (a common problem for people coming from Windows, which uses ctrl for these same shortcuts)?

I am not a Mac user, but recently there have been several posts on the forum about SketchUp predictably not being compatible with the preview version of the next upgrade to MacOS, so if thatis what you are using, you should go back temporarily to the previous OS version.