Just getting started

Brand new to sketchup. I am certified in AutoCad and Solidworks. Looking for advice on how to get started using Sketchup free download and tutorials.


Your profile is confusing. It says you are using SketchUp 2018 Free which would be impossible. Which version are you actually using? Having the correct information will help us guide you.

One thing to consider is that SketchUp is not AutoCAD not is it SolidWorks. Don’t try to use it like it is.

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And what would you be intending to use SketchUp for…?


The good people at SketchUp have done lots of videos on YouTube. That is where I learned how use it.
have a look at the link below. They have a section called Square One, for beginners.

Thanks Spoon!

You should start at the campus.

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