Joining solid objects

I have three separate plates. Each is a component. I want to join them to make one U shaped piece of channel stock.
This is for the Neuse Charter Robotics club.
combining solid objects

Looks like kit bot channel.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile shows two different versions and you posted in a category for a third version.

If the three components are shown as solid in Entity Info you could use Outer Shell to combine them. Alternatively you could explode the three components, erase the unneeded edges, and then make a new component containing all of the geometry.

Outer Shell worked!

I had been using Sketchup make for many years, but, because it didn’t have solid tools, it had to upgrade. Then I got lost in the plans. I thought I had selected ‘GO’, but it looks like I’m using ‘Studio’ trial. I don’t think need that much horsepower.
I think I’m going to try to uninstall Studio and upgrade the free to ‘Go.’
I’m also going to investigate having the school get the education app.

It is a bot kit channel. The team (two 14yr olds) is doing well. They were in 4th place at the last meet until and errant piece of code did them in. Sketchup has enabled me to take their verbal ideas and give them a visual to work with.

Thanks again,

SketchUp Go is a web-based version. It does include the Solid Tools. SketchUp Pro is mainly the desktop version of SketchUp with LayOut. It also includes SketchUp Go and other stuff. SketchUp Studio is SketchUp Pro plus Vray and some other stuff. For basic modeling SketchUp Go will do fine. SketchUp Pro lets you also use a wide variety of extensions and with LayOut you can create whatever sort of documentation you need.

That’s a good idea.

Very good. That’s a pretty good deal for a team of two. Is this FRC? I work with our local FRC team. They use Onshape for their CAD work. I don’t like it that much and I can model much faster and with just as much precision as they do. I just give up the parametric feature but have never really found it to be a problem.

It is FTC. I have ordered a 3d printer and I’m looking forward to learning to print parts for their robot.

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