Japanese Translation Issue of LayOut


I found wrong japanese translaton in LayOut command.

“Lozenge” is translated to “ひし型(HISHI-GATA)” which is “Rhombs” or “Diamond” mark of playing cards (Trump).
It shapes looks like capsule of medicine (lozenge), so it should be "錠剤型 (JYOUZAI-GATA)” or "カプセル(KAPUSERU) = capsule ) .

And one more suggestion.

“Bulged Rectangle” is translated to “バルグ(BARUGU)”, but this word is not popular in life here is japan.
The direct translation of “Bulged Rectange” is “膨らんだ長方形(FUKURANDA CHOUHOUKEI)” but it is too long.
So I suggest “樽型(TARU-GATA)”. The word “樽(TARU)” means “Barrel” which Donkey Kong was throwing :wink:


LayOut 2015 MR2 released but its not fixed…
Lozenge is not ‘ひし形’

How about ‘Bulged Rectangle’ to ‘端円弧長方形’ which means edge arced rectangle, ‘Lozenge’ to ‘端半円長方形’ which means edge half circled rectangle. These translates are Rounded Rectangle family.

Maybe SketchUp likes Barrel (樽) and Lozenge (錠剤 or カプセル) better…


LayOut 2015 MR3 released but not fixed…



I’m sorry we didn’t get this fixed for M3, but it is in our system and we’ll take a look at it.

Thanks for reporting!


Thanks for your reply.

Today, I found final answer to ‘Lozenge’ command.
It’s "俵形* (TAWARA-GATA) " !!

俵 (TAWARA) is japanese very famous shape for rice package.

俵形* (TAWARA-GATA) is also famous for “ONIGIRI” shape.

Rectangle -> 長方形 ok
Rounded Rectangle -> 角丸[長方形] ok
Bulged Rectangle -> 樽形* (TARU-GATA) rather than バルグ
Lozenge -> 俵形* (TAWARA-GATA) not ひし形

Pie -> 扇形 (OOGI-GATA) ok

  • I edited to change ‘型’ (formurla) to ‘形’ (shape)


Thank you, I have added these suggestions to our issue tracking system.


SketchUp 2016 Released… but not fixed …


SketchUp 2016 MR1 Released… but not fixed …


Hi genki_tt-

I’m embarrassed to report that we intended to fix this for the M1 release, but missed one of the final steps to update the translation in the product. I expect that this will be fixed in our next release, whenever that is.

Thanks for keeping us updated.


Is this issue fixed next release?


SketchUp 2016 M2 (16.1.2418) released, but not fixed…


SketchUp 2017 released, it fixed, THX !!

Two more things…

  • I think that it is better to unify it as using ‘形’ not ‘型’ as the command name.
  • And not fixed on windows version of LayOut (JA). (Why only on Mac version ?-?)