Jack Plane Handle

Here’s the Jack Plane I modeled in the attached skp file. It is based on one in Robert Wearing’s
book Making Woodworking Aids and Devices". I had a hard time with the Handle and still don’t like the way it looks. Maybe it’s beyond my current skill level in SU. I found the grain pattern for the blank in a piece of wooden Tile in the Materials.
Jack Plane .skp (54.3 KB)

There’s no handle in this model. This one looks like the old one in which you were trying to manually model the end grain of the wood.

I’ll resend.

FWIW, for a typical plane tote it would be easier with the desktop version because you could utilize extensions that would make modeling for straightforward.

Jack Plane (1) (1).skp (170.9 KB)
Hopefully, this is the right one.

Example of a pattern drawn using some Bezier curves.

Did you have dimensions for the tote you modeled?

Might want to use Follow Me to continue the bevel around the horn on it.

Here’s the handle dimensions.

It’s 1" thick

Tomorrow I’ll work at extending the length of the horn and trying follow me to miter the edges.
I also need to figure out how to miter the inside edges of the handle.

You can use follow-me for that too!

Thanks, I’ll give it a try tomorrow.