Jack Plane (4) Tapers, Angles, Holes, Edges

Here’s one fraught with difficulty. Lots of tapered and angled surfaces, this was hard for me to model. The blade, cap iron/chip breaker, adjusting arm, etc, that Robert Wearing illustrates is a challenge (at least for me). Here’s the skp file. After this, I might just settle for a simpler box shaped wood Jack Plane. But, it’s still fun trying.
Jack Plane (4).skp (369.5 KB)

The plane iron should be pretty straightforward to model. Simply draw the cross section lengthwise and use Push/Pull to make the width. It probably shouldn’t be tapered like yours is. The chip breaker could be modeled the same way. I don’t see a cap iron in your model yet.

Further digging shows the underside of the chip breaker is missing.

The screw shouldn’t be included in the chip breaker component, either.

I see reversed faces in the hole in the botdy where the depth adjustment fits, too.

I tried to model the blade and chip breaker exactly like the antique I have (Ohio Steel). I wanted to figure out as much as possible the amount of depth for drilled holes and saw cuts that I would need to make in the blank. In other words I’m probably over thinking this.

That’s one of the problems I’m having trying to make a replica of the actual piece. I took the taper out of the chip breaker and was able to make the hole for the bolt. I didn’t intend for the bolt to be part of the chip breaker component. I don’t know how that happened. I’m also not sure how to make it separate. I just found the reversed faces inside the hold for the adjusting arm and reversed them, but that is not reflected in this skp. I noticed that somehow the wheel and adjusting screw ended up as a component within the back component. I still don’t know how to fix the component within a component issue (other than just reconstructing it.
Jack Plane (5).skp (371.4 KB)

I made edits to the above post, because it was recommended. I don’t know if anyone noticed, though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There seems to be a bunch of weird stuff going on with incorrect faces and odd geometry. I’m not sure of your exact steps for getting the screw component inside the chip breaker component but to get it out you can open the chip breaker component, select the screw component, use Ctrl+X to cut it to the clipboard. Then exit componnent edit mode, right click somewhere in space and choose Paste in place from the top of the Context menu.

I did some general cleanup on your model including fixing incorrectly tagged geometry and fixing missing faces.
Jack Plane dr.skp (366.5 KB)

Thank you for taking the time to answer, identify errors, and fix them. I will try to fix the original file following the steps you explained. When the surfaces of the chip breaker were tapered, I tried the intersect faces. That probably messed things up a bit. To drill the 3/4" holes in the wood back, I made 3/4" circles on a centered guideline set at the right angles and intersected faces, too.

Royce, unfortunately I can’t take a peak at your model ( not on 2022 ). Hope you post some images as you work on your plane. They can be pretty darn challenging to model. I modeled a Stanley 4 1/2 a while back, it was a head scratcher at times.

Here’s a screen shot in X-ray of the fixes that Dave R made. I put some labels and dimensions too. Later, I’ll send screen shots of some of the scenes.

Thanks for posting the image. :+1: Something you plan to make ?

I have the blank made so far.