Jack Plane with Adjustable Parts

I used my previous file as a base and made a new model of a Jack Plane with adjustable blade and mouth. I appreciate the help I received from Dave R. I picked up some reading comments by Maihai on another post about using the eraser/control to soften and smooth edges. The model is still fluid, because I don’t think I can insert the adjustable arm into the back (wood), 3/4" holes. I will probably have to modify the angle of the hole or the angle of the adjustable arm to get it to fit. Here is a screen shot of the exploded view and the skp file.

Jack Plane, Adjustable Mouth and Blade.skp (387.0 KB)


Nice progress ! Only suggestion I’d make is possibly reshaping the rear tote. As it is doesn’t look like it would be very comfortable in use….

I agree. The actual tote I make will look different, but I’ll try to remodel it, too.

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