Issues with Snaps

I’m having an issue with the new Snaps feature where no matter how I orient certain snaps, they don’t correctly snap my component to the face I’m trying to place it on. In the attached video, only the first snap works. I try rotating the third snap by 180 after it doesn’t work, still without luck.

The snapping feature works best when they are paired, one snap on top of another. So if you’re trying to snap the receptacle on the wall perfectly every time, you just need to add another snap on the wall face.


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@nmason I hear you on that. Pairing two Snaps works flawlessly, but it would be really nice if I could just place switches and outlets on any wall without having to first place a snap in each location on the wall.

It seems like a bug that could potentially be fixed, as the snap on the rear face of the component works, whereas the snaps get confused when placed on a back face near the front of the component, even if rotated.

If I do nothing to modify the Snap, but delete the blue rough-in box, the Snap then works as desired.

I think that issue was acknowledged in the Snaps livestream with the SU developer.

But they also mentioned that the Snap feature is not intended to replace the “Glue to:” feature. What you’re describing seems to be accomplished with “Glue to” components.

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Glue To is nice, but after the component is placed, I think it is stuck on that plane forevermore. Snaps seemed like a great upgrade from that, but perhaps they need more time to work out the kinks when not pairing two together. I’ll have to check out that Snaps Livestream.

Thanks @nmason

I would create the outlet components so that the part that goes flush to the wall would be at the red/green plane of the component, and then turn on the component’s Glue To property, either to Any or Vertical.

Right-click and select Unglue. But typically you would just delete the component and drag a new instance from the Component browser for the new location.


Ok, thank you @Anssi, I’ll “stick” with Glue To for now.


I think you can do what you want if the extent of the component is larger to the outside direction of the snap. Your problem is that the blue box extends further into the wall than the switch plate extends out of the wall. If you put a small line into the component on the switch side of the snap and then hide the line it will work as you want.

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