Issues with 2023 layout and Sketchup

Since upgrading to 2023 I am having issues with two trays I have set up as "Outliner "and “Components and Materials” as separate trays on my second screen.
They lock up and I need to close and reopen them.
Any suggestions please.
Also Layout seems to take for ever to update the reference files after a Sketchup change has been made,

Share the LayOut file so we can try to help you.

Also update your profile. It’s out of date.

Hi Dave,

I tried but got rejected by file size – but there in lies the issue I think!

Tested on another Layout drawing and seems OK.\ Sorry to have troubled you on that one.

What shall I do about the two trays locking up in Sketchup?

You can share the file using Dropbox, we transfer, google drive or any platform you prefer.

Hi Technology may defeat me but does this work?

I am still having issues with updating and even though file size is 20 or so MB it should be oK

When I clicked on the link I got a message saying the file has been deleted.

Does this work?

There’s a file there this time and it’s opening. I’ll see what I can find with it.

I notice a few things in your SketchUp model that could cause delays in LayOut.

I cleaned up the model file substantially. First I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_17_2023 , 4_09_42 PM

Then I purged unused stuff from the model. A lot of hoarding going on.
Screenshot - 5_17_2023 , 4_10_05 PM

And I resized the solar panel texture. It is much larger than it needs to be for this project.

That reduced the SketchUp file size by 64%.

I see that you have quite a few bolt and U-bolt components that have screw threads indicated with geometry. Over 22,000 entities in the one of the thread components on the U-bolts. Multiply that by the 46 copies. That’s ahuge amount of geometry LayOut has to vector render every time you need to update the reference or change the viewport.

You could eliminate those threads without affecting the LO file at least as it is currently. Theree are other objects that could stand simplification, too. That would speed things up without changing the model’s appearance in LayOut.

Another thing I see in LayOut is that you’ve modified the Camera properties for every viewport. There’s no benefit in doing that. You have scenes in the SketchUp model that can do the job without modifying the camera in LO. It becomes a huge liability if you need to make camera changes in the SketchUp model. It could also screw up your dimensions and text.

I have relinked the reference to the reduced SketchUp model and I’m waiting for the rendering to complete. Since I didn’t remove the excessively detailed screw threads it’s still taking a very long time. I’ll share the file as soon as it’s ready but I’ll have to be going out shortly so it might not get uploaded until I get back.

Here’s the purged file. Again, you could do some things to improve performance in both SketchUp and LayOut.

Another thing I thought of is is replacing the textures with simple colors in SketchUp. The viewports don’t show the textures anyway.

2303 BBY NZDF Poles GA Layout purged.layout (13.4 MB)

HI Dave

Thanks for your help – this is very much appreciated.

There are clearly many things I don’t understand about modelling in SketchUp.

Be a lurker in this forum. You can learn a lot from just following the threads.