Issues getting Flowify to Work

I’ve spent hours searching the Forums and watching Youtube tutorials and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Currently using Make 2017 (free). FWIW, I’ve used Sketchup on and off for years but I’d still consider myself a novice.

Details: I’m trying to project a perforated surface onto a curved one. I can’t seem to get the “project grid” function to work in Flowify. And when I try to just skip to the “Flowify” step I get an error that reads:

"INPUT ERROR: Error while parsing the Target grid
The grid must conform to:

  • A cell consists of exactly four edges. Beware of collinear edge segments
  • Connection edges must attach to two adjecent [sic] corners
  • The grid must have four corners
  • Every row in the grid must have the same number of cells
  • No holes."

I assume the issue is with my projection surface. I’ve attempted a dozen different versions of this surface and grids for it. Attaching my last version. Is the problem the weird corners I added to make it have “four corners”? If so, any suggestions on how to work around that? My goal is to have a resulting surface that appears as if perforated metal has been hammered onto a rounded form (my projected surface). So the holes can’t all be parallel. This is for a 3D printed piece so I’m afraid an image won’t suffice.

Perforated test.skp (3.3 MB)

Using Fredo Tools on Surface, Fredo Spline, Fredo JPP and TIG Mirror


Drawing only 1/4 and using Mirror


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Hi, your shape doesn’t have proper four corners, Mihai.s drawing looks perfec…