Issue with copying using the move tool

@MikeWayzovski yeah, nowhere in the video does Justin mention this. Also if you look at him moving the object 3ft at 10:09 in the video, according to your logic, the cylinders would have overlapped.

Anyways looks like you guys can’t help me with this so thanks for trying.

3 feet minus 21 ½ inch would leave a gap of 1 feet and 2 ½ inches…

No. We can’t help you make the tool do something it isn’t designed to do. Maybe you can contact Justin and ask him to clarify what he did. I’d bet my lunch money he will tell you the same thing we’ve been telling you.

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Alright got it.

You can’t be serious.
I’ll have a look at your problem to see how to get the answer accross.

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Justin also never mentioned the distance between cilinders. He said “move” 10 feet…
This is the way it works in Sketchup, always has.
Maybe @JustinTSE can convince you himself, I pinged him for you.


@tweenulzeven thanks I just want to learn how to use the tool that’s all.

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Check out these videos from the SketchUp team about the Move Tool

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@kenth46, at exactly 9:16 justin enters 10’
This results in having two component instances at a distance where all corresponding geometry (edges, endpoints, faces, etc.) will have a space of 10’ inbetween. Corresponding geometry!


I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a better job explaining than others in the thread, but here goes.

When you use the move tool in copy mode, you’re selecting a set of geometry, establishing a base point by clicking on a point in space, then when you create a copy, you basically generate a new “set” of that geometry relative to the original base point by typing in a value and hitting enter.

You’re really setting the distance between points when you type in a value when you create the copy.

So if you have two cylinders with a 10" radius and you make a copy, the distance between the points you set with the move tool is 10’. The distance between the closest points of the two objects would be 8’4".

So if you create objects that are larger than the distance you’re creating copies, you’d get overlap, because the create the copies by moving the geometry relative to the base point, not relative to each other.

No idea if this clears up anything or not, but that is how the tool works


Ok thanks for the in depth explanation I should’ve listened to the others. I guess I owe Dave his lunch money lol

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With pictures!!

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His name is Justin, the name of the channel is the sketchup essentials.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for another way of doing this.

Cylinders separated by precise distance.skp (39.2 KB)

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