Isometric guide or grid

Hi, I’m trying to create an isometric grid or guide over a surface. There are grids available but they are not isometric. The image I uploaded is the type of grid/guide I’m looking for…any wasy way to do this?

I’ve created an isometric line by line using the measure tool and then copy, but it’s just super long.

Can you show how this would be used in a SketchUp model?

An isometric grid like that would be used for creating a 2D isometric drawing, I think. But that raises the question: why would you use SketchUp (a 3D modeling app) to create a 2D drawing that is actually just a particular viewing image of the real 3D thing?

Hello, remember that if you copy a line with a given spacing, you can repeat the copy by typing *x and enter, x beeing the number of times you want to copy. drawing the grid you uploaded is very quick with this method.

That is an excellent question. I’m using it because I’m working on a project with my students. They will be drawing a precise isometric sketch which we will then use as a video mapping surface on a wall in college. Although I can do this with other means, I like Sketchup because they can draw on the wall (using the grid) and at the same time have some context with scale, etc.

This is an image of the long way of doing it. You can’t see it but it’s actually a bunch of guide lines organized as an isometric grid.

quick way to do it… you can then crop with a rectangle.

Awesome, thanks.

[edit: Disregard these comments… I now see, and have read that you were using guidelines in that picture. I mistook the dashed lines for some crazy, and funky style settings.]

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If you find that you’re not getting clean intersections where grid lines are overlapping—which seems to be present in the picture you’ve attached—then try turning OFF the Endpoints for the Edge settings of the Style your using.

And if you want finite length construction lines, there are a couple of plugins that will allow you to select a normal edge (or a whole bunch of them) then R-click and choose ‘Convert to construction line’.

Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse by daiku

This extension works very nicely. Thanks.

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