Is Windows Movie Maker compatible with SketchUp?

I am still trying to animate a door to open smoothly. I don’t have Pro, so no access to dynamic components. It has been suggested I try the above; anybody managed to do this?

What do you mean by compatible?

SketchUp 8 is so old I don’t remember what the details are regarding export of animations with the free version. If it doesn’t have an animation export option, you’ll need to make a screen capture of the animation or export a series of images and combine them. They could be combined in Move Maker if you need to go that route.

You could just upgrade to SU2015 pro and export animations. There are better options for exporting them than there were in the SU8 days, anyhow.

SketchUp Make can interact with Dynamic Components. It is just that only the Pro edition comes with the wizard dialog to edit them.

So you can download and use swinging door DCs from the 3DW, or wherever (you pay someone to create them.)


Windows Movie Maker is a video editor application, and I have edited movie files exported from SketchUp with it (added sound), but it doesn’t do 3D object animation either.


So you could export your completed Sketchup movie into it and add sound?

I’m a little confused: are you saying I can download a ‘DC door’ from the warehouse that will move, even though I don’t have Pro? Only, I’ve just tried that and the model just sits there.

I get confused with all this stuff! I thought this was version 8. I only downloaded this version two months ago, it’s the free (Trimble) Sketchup Make 2015. That make more sense?

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You said in a previous post you are using SketchUp 8. I went back to look because you haven’t completed your profile. We can only work with the info you provide.

You can add music in Windows Video Maker if you want.

Yes if it was programmed to open. You can click it with the DC InteractTool. (It is the hand icon on the Dynamic Component toolbar.)

In fact there is a swinging DC door in the “Components Sampler” folder that comes with SketchUp. It is named “Archtop Door”.

Insert one into your model. And click it with the DC InteractTool pointing hand cursor.
Tools (menu) > Interact
(… or use the button on the Dynamic Components toolbar.)

Thanks. I’ve just downloaded Keyframe so, hopefully, a weekend of stress-free spinning and sliding should now result.


Are there any good tutorials showing how to use Video Maker with Sketchup? Is it the same as Movie Maker? I’ve downloaded this and I can’t even open it!

I used the wrong term. It is Windows Movie Maker.

I’ve never seen any tutorials on using it with SketchUp. Just export an AVI file from SketchUp and open it in Movie Maker. What you do with it there is up to you. Perhaps add titles or music? I suppose you can find tutorials on doing those things with a Google search.


Thanks. Exactly where is this AVI option? I’ve looked all over.

File>Export>Animation. Click on Options and choose the file type.

Perhaps you could take a moment and edit the title of this thread to reflect that you’re not referring to SketchUp 8 and are instead referring to SketchUp 2015. Also take a few seconds to complete your profile with operating system version and SketchUp version.

I use SnagIt screen capture from I capture video while drawing & save it as .mp4, then if need be, I’ll edit the video with Window’s Movie Maker. Camastasia studio is similar to Windows Movie maker though it is too expensive to use right now, it is bundled with the free trial version of SnagIt & it links niftily to your favorite social network sites. Unfortunately most forums like this one are not using the .MP4 upload to make quick reference to very specific drafting/drawing & program problems that moderators could leaned a far quicker hand once the issue is demonstrated this way. At present you have to save the .MP4 to Dropbox or another cloud storage & provide a link to the moderator for their reference. Some artists/draftsmen are so good that they are ill advised to even start a cad session without running SnagIt video while doing so. This is an invaluable instruction tool & may indeed be enhanced by editing the video.

I highly recommend SnagIt. Techsmith is an invaluable open source (free) team that also provide forums on any of their many projects! .MP4 all the way!

Thanks, but this is all way out of my league! Just need to complete this animation and, hopefully, that’ll be the end of it for a while!

As per previous: I have done this, did it weeks ago.