Are there any good tutorials for using SketchUp with Windows Movie Maker?

I need to add music to an animation. Apparently Windows Movie Maker is the best way to do this. Windows Video Maker has also been suggested. Is there a difference? Is one better than the other? Are there any good tutorials that show how to use this/these in Sketchup?

I don’t understand how you would use those programs IN SketchUp?

Once you’ve created your animation in SketchUp, you can export it as an AVI file. This can then be imported into a wide variety of video editors (which, as Cotty pointed out, are unrelated to SketchUp being the source of the video). The only one I have a lot of familiarity with is Windows Movie Maker which I use to import the AVI I exported from SketchUp and and then process it further (such as adding narration or music).

I’ve been trying to download it for almost an hour! All I get is a ‘wlsetup-web’ a funky green arrow and chequered shield! Impossible to do anything with. Why do they make this stuff so tedious?

Go here and save the “wlsetup-all.exe” file (for your OS language) someplace and you can then install whilst offline:
Essentials installer files for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2008

P.S.: MovieMaker was distributed with most editions of XP and Vista, and the standalone installer is no longer available for download (as both are no longer supported by Microsoft.)

As said you use video editors outside SketchUp.

Search at microsoft for “MovieMaker Tutorials”:

Sorry, none of this makes much sense to me! Are you saying that Microsoft no longer supports Moviemaker? Is that why I can’t get past the installer stage? Would make sense; I’ve got four identical copies of the ■■■■ thing on my computer!!

So, the ‘Essentials 2012’ stuff that’s still on the Microsoft website is now unsupported and therefore useless?

No I did not say that. I said Microsoft no longer supports it’s use with XP or Vista. (And no longer supplies the downloads for those operating systems.)

Did you go to the webpage I gave the link for ? It has links to the offline installer packages. Follow the instructions on that page, if you have Windows 7 or 8.x .

But once again, because you still have not answered the computer questions in your profile, I have no idea what actual Windows OS version you are running.

I filled out that page over a week ago! Followed the template, told folk what my job was, gave the spec of the PC and so on. I’m going to try downloading Moviemaker on my laptop, see if it works there. Could be it’s this thing; many people tell me Windows 8 causes them nowt but problems?.

You replied in the introduction thread, which is not your profile. I posted a video to show you how to fill in your profile and you just made a face at it. If we have to find your post in a whole thread to see what your specs are then you can find the post where I showed you how to do it.

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Ok. No joy on the laptop either. It looked as though it was downloading (green thermometer bar CRAWLING from left to right), but in the end I had to ditch it as it was jamming up our patient database. We’re on a dongle
here in clinic, so perhaps it was that slowing the process it up? Whatever. BTW: I DID follow your lead re: the download, but all that resulted was five identical (or near identical) versions of the installer sat in downloads being useless!

I think - for the benefit of our collective blood pressures - I’d best bow out of this one and pay my mate the pro’ animator to do the final ‘pimp up’ for me. I know you guys, yourself in particular, do your best to help out here. But you’ve got to remember: you’re dealing with the digital equivalent of a flat-worm here!

At least I’ve got the doors opening smoothly now; that ‘regular polygon’ extension is fantastic!

Just going to have another go at the Flightpath plugin.

Don’t know of any turorials but I have used sketch up to do a really simple music vid. with moviemaker. Fairly simple really, I am using Movie Maker from Windows 10. Simply created my animations (I don’t have pro sketchup by the way) and exported the video to the highest quality I could to my PC. Then opened MOvie Maker and dragged the various animations in. Movie Maker allows you to also import music to their timeline and you can trim and arrange your music or video clips as you like. If you are familiar with Movie Maker the animations you get from Sketchup are no different to any other. Here is my movie, for me its the other way around though. I used Sketchup to put animation to my music. I Want to be Home - YouTube

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Thanks. I’ve abandoned the Moviemaker thing now; it’s proved impossible to download both on my laptop and main PC.

To be honest I find the way the forum is set out to be far more confusing than it was a few years back. I can’t even trace the stuff I sent recently regarding the problems I’ve been having trying to open smustard’s flightpath!

You can have a closer look at your topics here…

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Thanks. Just got to dig out the post now!

Don’t know if any of you chaps are still around, but this is the only way I can find to (hopefully) contact some of the folk who helped me out three years ago!

I’m attempting a very basic animation and getting nowhere with it! I’ve added scenes (up to three) but when I hit ‘play’ nothing happens.

I’ll try and put the file in here, but it wouldn’t upload last time I tried it. Guess what I’m after is a basic tutorial that reminds me how to do this stuff.

No joy with the download. Interesting that the stupid thing makes you sit and wait until it gets to ‘100%’ before glibly announcing that the file is too big!! Nice to see the ‘counter-intuitive posse’ continuing to thrive!

I’ve just tried doing that and the thing tells me my password is wrong. I’m assuming this to be the same password I use for this forum?

I take your point about filling profiles in, but I haven’t the time for this at the moment and my request is very basic. Put another way: is there anybody on this forum that is UK based that I could pay to do this animation for me? Might save my blood pressure!

  1. The online SketchUp User Guide has a section on animating scenes …

  2. Using the Scene Manager inspector panel, be sure each scene you wish to appear in the animation is checked as “Include in animation”.


  3. Be sure that the global control for scene animation is checked, via Window > Model Info > Animation > Enable scene transitions
    … and that the transition time is set to more than 0 seconds.