Is this possible with follow me tool?

Hi everybody.

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Is it possible to make the next shape using the follow me tool?


I tried with something like this:


But I get a result I’m not looking for it.


I attach a .skp file as example.
example.skp (84.7 KB)

Thanks in advance.

By now you should know that the Path needs to start and end perpendicular to the desired face orientation. When you do as you’ve shown, profile face gets projected to perpendicular to the first segment and it ends perpendicular to the last. Set up the path correctly and it’ll give you what you expect.

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Hmmm I think I got what you mean,
Don’t show me how to do it yet, haha, I will try on my own.

Is this well done? (if it is alright I’m maybe doing something wrong but I think it takes more time to me than doing it like in the thread I mentioned using an intersecting)

Top view:

Iso view:

Free view:

The new example file example.skp (122.3 KB)

Thank you.

Looks to me as if your profile isn’t centered on the center of the arc.

When I need to do something like that I draw a circle and then quarter it at the midpoints of sides 90 degrees apart. The profile is set perpendicular to the short path segment and after Follow Me , the ends will be square to each other.

I think it should:

EDIT: pictures were taken using parallel projection, maybe that makes look it’s not aligned.

Not sure if you mean this


I get the same issue (I’m using 24 segments, with a higher number the problem is lower but it’s still there).

Not quite. Well, not at all.

Follow these instructions exactly.

Draw a 24-sided circle on the red/green plane with the center at the origin. Drag the radius out on axis. Make the circle’s radius 100 mm.

Select the circle.
Get the Rotate tool.
Press the Up arrow key to lock the rotation axis to the blue axis.
Click at the origin and rotate the circle 7.5 degrees. Sides of the circle should be crossing the red and green axes at 90 degrees.
Get the Line tool.
Draw radii along the solid red and green axis llnes.
Erase the 3/4 circular arc leaving the 90 degree quarter sector.
Erase the radii leaving just the arc. That arc is the Follow Me path.
Now draw your profile aligned on the red/blue plane. The profile does no need to touch the arc path.
After you have completed the profile face, select the arc.
Get Follow Me.
Click on the profile.

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Despite they were very detailed instructions it took me a while to get it :sob::sob:
But It worked like a charm.


I want to make clear what happened (without I’m like a little donkey)

At first I understood what you said here:

"The Path needs to start and end perpendicular to the desired face orientation."

I understood your statement, but I didn’t thought it was possible situate the circle edges that way, so … I made one quarter of the circle, I exploded it, and I use autofold to move the last edges to make 90 degree. That’s why this shape doesn’t look like a real arc :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

While I was following your instructions I wondered how you knew I need to rotate it 7,5 degree.
Repeating the process I realised that if I work from origin it also tells me when the midpoint of the first edge intersects the green axe.

Now before this post I also did some basic maths with the calculator, 360 / 24 = 15, so each segment is 15 degree, one half will be 7,5 :slight_smile:

But I agree with what @tuckejam says here:

“Sometimes it does exactly what i want,
sometimes my shape is inside out (revers faces)
sometimes it starts behind the beginning of my line then skips a section and then continues on fine.”

I was doing some tests yesterday to understand a little bit follow me tool with some successful, I also did some tests today to understand better what was happening, but it seems I still have some troubles understanding the tool.

DaveR I apologize for the time I stole you with this question :frowning:

Thank you so much as always.

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