Is there inference points on group's bounding box?


Hi All,

Is there any inference points on a group’s bounding box? I want them to be able to move
my group by grabbing exactly the corner of the group’s bounding box. I hope
this will help me moving furniture around the flat faster and more precisely.

For example, I have a simple box, which is representing kitchen cabinet. I can easily move and
snap this box to walls, floors and other boxes. I touch it with the move tool
in the corner inference point. However, when I have more complex geometry (Box
with cabinet’s legs) then I have no actual geometry (lines or faces) in the
corners of the group’s bounding box. It is very difficult to touch the group’s
bounding box precisely at the corner.

PS. Sorry for my pure English


There are no inference points on bounding boxes but you can quickly create geometry to profile inference points by using ThomThom’s Draw Bounding Box extension from the Extension Warehouse.


MoveAlong included in Frodo Tools does this if I understand your question.



Thanks guys!

I think MoveAlong is what I need. Sadly, I cannot find it in the extension warehouse. One more registration is necessary for download.