Is there anyone in Cheltenham, Gloucester or Bristol who can teach me to use the programme?



I would like to make a 3D model of a medieval friary, but am finding the whole programme quite difficult and don’t want to pay for the student version till I am sure I have some help. Am a mature student at Bristol.[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]


It’s unlikely to find someone nearby to help you.
Instead i suggest you going through online tutorial videos and documentations (that’s how i learned this program!). Make use of the internet era.
And trust me, this is one of the easiest 3D software you can find around. You can always search/ask in this forum when you’re stuck (You’ll probably get a faster reply than in physical world).

You can start with these getting started videos:
Also you can search your issues here to find info:


Hi, I would be happy to teach you few things, I could meet up at weekends. I am from Witney but I don’t mind to drive to Cheltenham. For me it will be nice to meet someone with the same intrests.


Dear Michal,Thank you so much for your reply. Can I ask how much you charge for an hour’s session at a time. Kind RegardsEve[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]


I won’t do it for money really. I think it would be good idea to meet and see how far you are with the subject, and how helpful my skills would be for you. We can see from there.


Okay.Just going out Will be in touch tonight when I return.Thank you Michael.Eve


Dear Michal. I wondered if we could meet, perhaps on Tuesday about 11(16/05/2017 perhaps at Waterstone’s bookshop in Cheltenham.( 33-41 Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1LE) There is parking in front of houses on the other side. Otherwise, there is parking behind the Art Gallery and Museum in Clarence Street GL50 3JT.(turn left in the little road before the AG) It is a short walk turning left and walking up to the High Street and on to the promenade. On the second floor of Waterstones is the Costa Coffee Shop and I will get there earlier to get a table. I live some distance away so Cheltenham is the best place.It is very good of you to take an interest. I had to give a presentation about the friary at Bristol yesterday, which went well. I have drawings of similar properties built the same year. I think you will find I am a novice, but learn quickly. I have a older laptop and a Windows Surface 3 and can bring both the drawings and photos and the archeological report.I also have two later images, an 18th century oil painting (1784) when it was a private residence (mislabelled ‘Blackfriars’) and a pencil drawing by Greene(1859)from a different angle. I hope this time is good for you, or we can find a different one. I shall of course pay for your parking and petrol.Kind RegardsEve[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]


shouldn’t this be discussed via private means?


I think new users are prevented from sending PMs until they have a certain number of posts, which is inconvenient for situations like this but better than getting lots of PM spam…

Evelyn, I’m hoping you’ll share the model in the Gallery forum when it’s complete!

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