Is there any way to perfectly align view for "Horizontal" line?

I found myself always have this problem to find “perfect horizontal line view”
I am looking for something like “Two Points Perspective” menu which is perfect for vertical but in horizontal way.

Now I just

  1. Start from front view or “align view to selected face”
  2. Then tilt camera to angle I would like to use and just “eyeball” horizontal line.
    I keep doing process for so long and now wonder if there is a better way to do ?

Is there any to manage camera view or position ?


  2. Align view to face is good but limit only “front view”

  3. “Two Points Perspective” is perfect for vertical

  4. How about horizontal line ?

Thank you for your support again.

100% horizontal line will be the red axis in ‘Front’ view. So first adjust the axes, red along the direction you want to be perfectly horizontal. Then select ‘Front’ view.
Panning will keep red horizontal.

With adjusting the axes you could even tilt the R/G plane so blue will not be straight up but will lean backwards. This method will let you set up the perfect ‘Front’ view with a desired horizontal line.
You can even use ‘2 Point Perspective’


Hi Thank you for your help. It seems to be a solution I am looking for.
How to “adjust red along the direction” ?
I cannot find top menu or right click menu allow me to do this.

It is not in the right click context menu.
Look in the top menu ‘Edit’ for ’ Change Axes’.

I found edit > change axes menu but how to use it for changing camera angle.
I understand that change axes menu is using for changing component axis, not for handling camera view.

Are you looking for, Camera/Standard Views/Front

Yes, I always use “Front” view. It work for showing only front elevation but if I start tilting camera to show
Front + Top view, then I cannot have perfect horizontal line anymore.

SKP Camera

You can right click on an Axis and use Place to reposition the axes to suit what you want to see. This is new in recent versions, the standard views used to be locked to the original global axes.


@Wo3Dan Thank you, it works!
@Box Thank for showing me exactly how to do.

It is a bit confuse at the beginning but after few test. it is helpful tip to make perfect horizontal view

This is new thing I learn today. I just know this feature :slight_smile:

SKP Camera2

And you can then save that view as a scene and still have the standard front view available.

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Thank you Box,
Is there any extension in SKP that allow user to manipulate camera position, angle like below sample from Blender. This is very useful feature to perfect camera position and angle.

There are various tools for aligning views, there is the Position Camera tool, which you can click and drag to set a specific view.
Right click Align View is another.
Advanced Camera tools has other abilities.
None will be exactly the same as what you may find in other software.

In your example above I would probably right click on his forehead and choose align view.


Hello, I just back to answer my own question in case it may helpful to other SKP users.
Finally I found FredoPortrait is best solution for my case and it is easier than playing with axis.

Fredo Portrait

Portrait studio allows user manage camera view precisely.
I already use it for a while and it work well.

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