Align View for Printing

I have a sketchup document of my home which my architect gave me a few years ago that has been aligned to the real-world position. I don’t want to change this, but when printing I want my home to align with the paper. How can I do this?

My goal is have a top view, parallel projection where the front wall of my house is parallel to the bottom edge of the paper. Right now, the front wall is on an angle facing the bottom left corner of the paper.

I know I can use the Orbit tool and fake this, but I can never get it aligned.

I’m hoping there’s an extension or trick for this, but I have not been able to find one.

Thanks so much in advance!

You can re-align the axis Adjusting the Drawing Axes | SketchUp Help

Thanks for your reply. I set the axis to match the house, but when I go to the top view camera, the house is still on an angle and the axis matches the angle. When printed, it is also on an angle which is undesired.

I guess I could use the rotate feature, but the project has 15 scenes and I’d have to update each if them one at a time-- or is there a way to rotate everything all at once?

For appropriate top view with the front wall parallel to the base of your print you’ll need to redraw the axes in a way that Green runs perpendicular to your front wall and Red along the front wall. Now right click on an axis in empty space and select ‘Align View’ in the context menu.

In general, whatever the axes may be, with ‘Align View’ in that context menu you’ll always see Green pointing UP on your screen (and even so on your print)

“your floor plan” at an angle, system green axis UP in Top view:

Newly drawn axes, green still UP due to ‘Align View’ in the context menu.
Orange at same angle to floor plan indicates solar north:


That works, but is it only temporary? When I switch my scene and then come back, it’s back to the previous axis.

Axis Tool - Align to front of house and set to red
Right-click Axis and set Align View

Looks great. Prints great

When I switch to a different scene and come back, it’s back the original way.

You need to save a scene with the new axes (and also when applying ‘Align View’ from that) Axes are saved in scenes if checked in the ‘Scene Manager’ to include them in new scenes and updated scenes.
In other words, you can work as previously done and still have that scene that allows you to print as you wish.

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Oh… right! Thanks!