Is there an extension to smoothly transition from a single point to a curved polyline?


See the attached image. I’m trying to produce a smooth transition from the curved polyline of the street curb to a single point at the back edge of the concrete driveway.


How about a quick scale.


You can push-pull the profile to the desired length and use FredoScale to reduce the end to one point (factor=0).


Or you could use Curviloft plugin

and for the corner


Well, wasn’t that simple? Looks like Curviloft is my next download.
Thanks much!!!


Here’s another option including @Cotty’s suggestion of Fredo’s Scale to 0. It allows you to flatten the curve rather than squeeze it to a point, which I believe would be more natural in a concrete curb.


All of these methods are very effective and worthy of some practice to determine the preferred way of doing it. Thanks to all for your input.