Is there an easy way to draw the cross section of a physical item

Thanks all for your help… I ended up taking a photograph along the end of the remote… Then I imported the picture into Sketchup and traced it… Worked flawlessly.

Thanks again.


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Hi Jon, hi folks.

Try using a Profile gauge similar to the one shown in the joined file.

Use it on the bottom then on the top on the remote. You will required two separate operations to get the complete shape.

Once you have a physical half shape of your remote, place it on a piece of paper and trace it as best as you can. You can try placing the paper directly under the metal blades of the gauge and then scan this directly to save the tracing step. The paper is just to get a good contrast with the blades.

Scan the tracing in jpeg, for example, and import the jpg file in SketchUp (SU). Trace the image in SU; usually, the Line tool and the Arc tool will suffice.

Repeat for the other half and then join them together.

If you want very good precision, use a calliper to measure the overall width of the real remote and then use the value to scale your cross section in SU.

Just ideas.


I thought of that but I thought that is a special tool and can’t be found in every house.
I haven’t seen one in real and most likely I won’t but I’d be interested to!

Here’s a model that’s affordable and effective.

Lee Valley Profile gauge


I have made profile gauges from toothpicks and tape in the past…


Hi folks.

I found mine at Rona. Thy hardware stores like Home Depot, Home Hardware, etc.

Good luck.