How can I import a shape into sketchup?


I’m making a set of fpv goggles for flying drones out of a set of modded vr cellphone goggles. I need to make a extension that holds the lcd screen that will perfectly mate up to the base of the VR goggles. I need a way to get the dimension of the diameter of the VR goggles into sketchup so I can start. What is the best way to go about it?


Do you have a flatbed scanner? I’ve had some luck tracing mouldings from scanned images. It should work for this if that face in fairly flat.



I have one attached to my printer. That face is flat, How would I go about getting that into sketchup?


Scan the part, crop the image down to little more than the part to be traced. Import the image into Sketchup (as image) and trace the part. A search of this forum will return numerous threads regarding tracing.
After tracing you can scale the model to a measurement from the original part using the Tape Measure Tool.