How do I make a non-standard shape that will fit into an existing physical item

Hello, I am completely new to Sketchup and I do not know if I am posting this in the correct forum/category.

I am working on a Halloween project and I need a base of approximately 5mm in height that will fit into an animatronic skull. There is an example picture of one attached that I 3d printed, but this one was for an earlier model of the skull and was about 10-15% too small. (not uniformly either)

I can make all of the necessary measurements, but I have no idea what Sketchup tool to use or what to even search for on Youtube to get me started. I searched and watched many videos before registering and posting here, but nothing seemed to be what I needed.

Basically I need to recreate the gray template that will fit into the skull pictured.
Any help on a video to watch, the name of the Sketchup tool(s) I need to learn more about… literally anything to point me in the correct direction would be great.

It’s the shape with the odd dimensions that I am having trouble with. The holes for the neck and servos look easy enough, so no worries there.

I am planning on using the Personal Sketchup Free if that makes a difference.

Thank You!

How precise do you need? Best to make it a bit big and file material away to get exact fit. Here is a basic method tracing the image you provided, after sizing the image based of the dimensions shown.



For this kind of tracing, the image should be taken from a 90 degree angle and with a longer focal length to reduce distortions.

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That looks great! I knew there had to be an easier way – I thought I was going to have to make about 100 different measurements.

I will try this out soon and let you know how it comes out.
In answer to your question… this does not have to be too precise nor does it not need to be a snug fit. Just a platform to connect the “spine” to the head as well as a place to mount the servos for head and jaw movements.

Thanks for taking the time to create the 3 videos for me. I was really just expecting someone to send me a URL for me to go read up. What you provided is awesome and very much appreciated.

Thank You!

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I will take a new picture from 90 degrees. I would not have thought about the focal length so thanks for that tip as well!!

Much Appreciated!

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