Modeling endoskeletons/ robotic skeletons?

I’m trying to create a model of a character for my friends, but i’m not entirely sure how to start or go about it. any tips or advice appreciated!

It’s kind of difficult to give you guidance without knowing what skill level you have with SketchUp. It would also help to know what character you are talking about and how you plan to use the model.

I’m slightly below amateur and I’m making an oc fnaf animatronic character

I don’t know what an “oc fnaf animatronic character” is. What does “oc fnaf” mean?

Is this just to create a picture of this thing or something else?

Original Character (like a person’s own made up character) for five nights at freddy’s. i’m make a 3D of it

It seems pretty hard to get exact information from you.

A 3D what?

I guess start with the basics. Draw the shapes and utilize components where you can so you don’t have to model the same parts repeatedly.

model* sorry i’m kinda new when it comes to this thing. if it helps I can attach a photo of what I want to model.

This is all a visual thing. Of course images would help.

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sorry about the writing and quality

I’d start by modeling a foot. Then model the leg parts on top of it, copy those and flip them to make the other leg and foot.Then start on the body and work up toward the head. Of course you can model one arm, copy those components and flip them to mirror them.

Ok thank you and thanks for still helping despite me making this difficult!:grinning:

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