Is there a way to install "windowizer" in version 20 and newer?

I became a big fan of the intuitive function of Windowizer. I purchased the full version and would like to keep using it.

Is there a way to install it in Sketchup 2021?

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried with


Save all the .rb files to the SketchUp “Plugins” folder on your hard

SketchUp 2021 and Windowizer3 plugin

Old Windowizers work OK in even 2021. I don’t quite know if mine is the same as yours, but the only thing I have noticed is that it applies the glass material only to the front side of faces so I have to manuallyh correct that. Copying the .rb file into the extensions folder should be enough, or zipping it, renaming the .zip to .rbz and using the Install Extension function in the Extension manager.

Both Windowizer and Windowizer4 do work in SU2020. The paid for version- Widowizer4, groups the window and puts texture on the back face.

It is a bit dated though and not changed in nearly 10years.

As Anssi said above…
zip it, rename the .zip to .rbz and using the Install Extension function in the Extension manager.

The version I use was downloaded as a zip, it has several .rb files inside. I installed it by renaming the .zip to .rbz and using the Extension Manager.

The newest files in the zip I have are dated 2008. Works like a charm. Haven’t heard about @RickW for years.

He wrote some brilliant plugins. I see Windowizer4 is on Smustard for $10, …and yes! copyright © 2008 by Rick Wilson !

It would be great if some enterprising developer produced an updated version. If this one doesn’t, it would be useful to include casements since most windows have them.

I’ve recently purchased Windoor+ on the Extension Warehouse and am very much impressed. It handles windows and doors in detail incl. casements -open or closed, glazed or plain, sliding sash with/without sills, cuts openings etc. and is fully customizable. Due to a bug in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse, Trimble deleted the sales page including the Trial Version of WinDoor+. So for the time being only the free version is available but the matter is in hand I believe and should be up and available soon. Meanwhile have a look at YouTube. It’s certainly a time saver!
WinDoor+ back up on Extension Warehouse!