Is Windowizer a mandatory plugin?

Hi everybody.

That’s my question, Is Windowizer a mandatory plugin?
When I try to disable it get enable again.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean Windowizer? No. Neither Windowizer nor Windomizer are mandatory.

If it will not disable, you can always remove it.

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Thank you.

No plugins are mandatory, not even Dynamic Components and other plugins shipped with SU. Do you have any link to this plugin? I’m curious whether it automatically re-enables itself (with would make it qualify as crapware) or if this i a SketchUp bug.

Windowizer is a somewhat old plugin from
It is not an extension, just a simple plugin.
I’m sure its author Rick Wilson will agree that it is includes many now frowned upon coding issues - like $ global variables.
Windowizer4 was a newer version, with improved coding and functionality.
It is still not an extension.

It may well be that the Extension Manager can’t actually stop it loading, as it is really aimed at extensions rather than simple plugins,

The SketchUcation Toolset includes an Extensions Manager and a Plugins Manager, the latter let’s you disable .rb files by adding a ! to the file-type suffix - thereby meaning that SketchUp does not load it at startup, later you can enable from a list, when the ! is removed. It also has an ‘Uninstaller’ which adds an x to the file-type suffix meaning that it does not load at startup or get listed in the disabled list. These can then be removed, sorting the Plugins folder by file-type to collect them, if they are left in place they can be un-uninstalled, where the x is removed…

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I asked about that because I don’t remember to install it, but I maybe did while I was following a book.with exercises.
After I experienced several crashes, I was trying to use as little extensions and plugins as possible.
When I tried to turn it disable and it turns autoenable by itself I was wondering if it was some native plugin.

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