Is there a way to have a single section line at the edge of multiple objects?

Hi everyone,

This feels like a simple question, but I’ve had a look on the web and in the forum and haven’t found an answer.

I’d like to cut sections through multiple objects that touch or overlap, but only see the section line at the outer edge. Is this possible? By this I mean that the section line would only be drawn where the objects collectively ‘touch air’, and ‘internal’ lines wouldn’t be shown.

This is helpful for architectural work in which a set of walls might be made up of multiple grouped objects or multiple components, but for simplicity’s sake we only want to show the outline of that wall in the plan or section.

I can sort-of get this effect by having the section cut line be the same colour as the section fill, which is the default setting in Sketchup. With these settings you can’t see the ‘internal’ lines. But this can create quite heavy drawings with a lot of black, and I would prefer, in some instances, to be able to have a white fill and thick black outline.

Visual examples:

  1. Section cut with default settings through three boxes which touch or overlap
  2. Section cut with white fill and black section line through the same boxes
  3. Section cut through a new object that merges the three original objects. This is the effect I would like to create automatically, without having to change the underlying modelling.

Is there any way to do this in Sketchup, Layout, or with a plugin? Any help or thoughts appreciated!

Yes. You can do that. Hide the faces where the objects touch.

An alternative might be to use the Section Cut Face extension by TIG (at Sketchucation) and just erase the coplanar edges within the group it creates.

Thanks DaveR!

Hiding the faces where the objects touch is a workaround I hadn’t considered, but it seems like it would be quite time intensive when trying to do this across multiple plans and sections for a building.

I’ll try Section Cut Face extension and see if that does what I’m after :slight_smile:

Yes. It would be time intensive. That’s why I emphasized the word ‘can’. There might be a better way of managing your model instead of separating each wall into its own group.

You’ll probably still want to adjust the section line color so it isn’t visible and in Section Face, make edges visible. With proper tag usage you’ll have a lot of control over this in LayOut, too.