Hide interior edges in a section face?


Is it possible to create a section face that doesn’t show interior geometry? In this example, I have two touching walls, each is a separate solid object. I would like the section face to give the appearance that the two walls are one object without the connecting edge (with red arrow), is this possible?


You can hide the end of the right hand wall and draw a rectangle on the left hand wall to match the end of the right hand one and hide its face. But Section Fill won’t work.


Hi Dave, thanks for your help. Perhaps there might be a plugin that has this feature?


You could use TiG’s Add Section Cut Face and hide or delete unwanted edges. You can apply materials and colors to the faces, too.

It’s available from Sketchucation.


If you match your section face color to the line color, then I imagine it’d become invisible. Another suggestion is to combine the solids, but I have a feeling you want separate groups… If so, then you could duplicate your file, then combine the solids (outer shell command for SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Free) for a section view export.


You can try with Curic Section & Hidden plugins


Or Eneroth Visual Merge, I believe?


SketchUp’s native section fills doesn’t work for hidden faces. There has been a couple of threads on this topic and I’ve even met the product managers to discuss this behavior at the Basecamp. As this is a limitation in the way SketchUp finds what to fill, I don’t think extensions can do much about it.

That would have to be an extension like Skalp that has its own section fill feature, independent from the native one. I don’t know if Skalp actually supports this though.

the best recommendation I can make for now is to use a black section fill, and the cut line will not be seen.


Wow, thank-you everyone, very helpful suggestions and few things for me to try.