Is there a way to do 2D wiring diagrams in SketchUp Pro?

Is there a way to do this type of diagramming/modeling in SketchUp Pro 2017?

The Layout application that is part of the SketchUp Pro bundle could probably be used to make such 2D diagrams. I have not done very much with it, so I’m not sure how easy or hard it would be to create the thick colored lines that represent the electrical wires. However, I suspect there are other packages that would be much more suitable for creating 2D diagrams if that were the major need.


I’ve done similar stuff for medical gas piping. Elements such as the receptacles, switches, etc. I would draw as components in SketchUp and make scenes that show each one. These could be 3D if you wish or just 2D. Then I would place viewports showing the parts as needed in LayOut and use LayOut’s drawing tools to draw the connecting lines.


Thanks Dave, that sounds like it might work for me. I’ll give it a try!

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