Creating striped lines, car wiring diagram

Working on an old car, and want to create an accurate wiring diagram.
Thought maybe Sketchup might be up to the challenge.
I would like to create a line, for example, a red line with a white stripe.

SketchUp is a 3D surface modeler. (It has edges, not lines.) It is not an application for diagramming.

Try LayOut. It is more like AutoCAD’s 2D paperspace.

Plugin ChrisP_ColorEdge_EN. After selecting the buttons on the panel of this plugin can/should press the Tab key, a window appears to specify settings of color lines, dashes, % ratio when painting corners and the like, as well as the selection of colours. As I understand it, this plugin don’t do lines of different thickness selectively, but the thickness is the same as in the “styles”, and all such will be in all models, regardless of color (on e-transaction). (43.3 KB)
look at

Without plugins you can create lines with different colours, but it has to be a solid colour.

  • First go into the Edit tab of the Styles window/rollup/docker thingie and change the colour: drop down to read “by material”
  • Then simply draw the lines, group them, and fill the group with a specific colour. (Note that you can’t do this to individual lines on the basic geometry level - you have to fill a group or component)