Is there a tutorial for scale drawing in Layout (SU18)?

Hello, I’m just taking my first look at SU 18 and can’t find any tips for use or tutorials on using the new scale drawing tool, am I missing it? It seems I have to set the scale for each drawing, can it be pre-set for the whole document?
Thanks, kind regards, Sally

Hi Sally,

I haven’t seen a tutorial but I could do something up for you.

Each time you start a new scale drawing you need to select the scale. This way you can easily have different scales on different pages. Your scale drawing is made as a group. If you you need to do more scale drawing on the same page and you don’t want to set the scale again, there are two options. Open the existing group for editing and add the new content or copy the group and then edit the copy. You could copy the group to another page if you want to.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Dave,
thanks, that sounds like it would work, I’m thinking about my plant symbols, which would all be at the same scale, but I could do them all in a group. I was sure there would be a way! Your help is always much appreciated! I’ll have a play later :slight_smile:

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