Is there a real feature in SketchUp, or a fever dream? Auto-snap and align component faces together

A bunch of us in my office feel like we remember a recent new feature (or maybe it was years ago) was to create special grip points on components where when you move the component by this special grip point onto another component with the same special grip point, they’d automatically align faces and snap those grips together.

I remember it being in a new feature video where they had two pieces of modular furniture auto-snap together in the correct orientation.

I thought it was the same year they made the auto-xray when drawing behind objects, but I’ve been googling like mad, looking throuh every new feature list I can find and haven’t found this yet.

Or maybe this was somewhere else, but if you know of an extension that does do this in SketchUp, that would be helpful too.


I don’t remember any sort of feature like that. You can use inferencing to grab a component or group by a corner of its bounding box.

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There is/was an extension that could do that, never used it and can’t remember what it was. If it comes to me after my coffee kicks in I’ll post again. Certainly not a native feature.


Around the same time SketchUp also introduced the ability to cycle through preset types of bounding box grips with the command key while the move tool is active and an object selected. This is a bit like what you are describing? However no corresponding grips appear on other components or groups not being moved.

This is the one I was thinking of.

That does look the closest to what I was remembering. It must have been for another program.