Is there a possibility to embed an IES Vray file in the component?

Is there a possibility to embed an IES file in the component?
Because if I send the component to another machine, it doesn’t work, only if I send the IES to the same folder of those who created it.

Sounds like you have the answer already. The IES light can be embedded into a component and can be shared to another machine/user. The IES light path has to stay the same though or the new machine/user won’t see it because the file path to the IES file is broken.

Note below that I’ve saved the component to a new location but the IES path remains the same:

One way to get around that (if you’re not working off of a shared server) is to ‘Pack’ the SketchUp file before sending to others (this works well with images, proxy geometry, etc as well as with lights as shown here).

And as you can see, the IES light and path are now self-contained in a zipped file. Let me know how that works for you or if I missed something. …and if for any reason ‘packing’ the file retains the old file path, at least with packing you know you’ve sent the correct IES which can be repathed easily by the person receiving it.

thks @eric-s
I already had this information, the Pack Project doesn’t solve me, in fact I need to put it in a plugin that stores components, and when the user downloads, go with IES.
But I have the windows user problem, if I put this inside a plugin folder, how do I make the vray look for it? because each computer will have a different address and from what I saw the vray does not accept a path with %userprofile%

That’s a good question. Have you posted to Chaos forum? Seems like the problem is more on their end then SketchUps.