Is there a component or extension for this offset tile?

I need a component or extension to generate this offset tile, which also has about 1/4" depth between the tiles.

This is generally best accomplished using a texture applied on a single surface to keep the poly count low in your model. However if you truly need to model individual tiles in 3D… You can make an offset rectangle that is 1/8" proud of the back face of the tile, erase the face that is generated, then make the edges of the rectangle hidden, then turn the hidden rectangle and the tile geometry into a component. Now you have a tile component with it’s bounding box 1/8" away from the tile on all sides. Arrange the tiles by grabbing the bounding box and inferencing against the hidden geometry of any other tile for a 1/4" gap.

OR make the bounding box a full 1/4" offset so you can use axis locking and inference the adjacent tile without hidden geometry shown.

or of course you can also just use copy array and type in the tile dimensions plus 1/4".

I appreciate the approach, and I have some other uses for that, but ideally I’m shopping for a component or extention because I have a ton uses for this throughout my project and all of them have somewhat different dimensions, so I’m looking for something that will allow me to stretch these in different dynamic ways. I saw a component for this somewhere and just can’t seem to re-locate it!

I have dynamic component somewhere in my library. I will have a look and pass it to you.

That’d be great. I found an extention that’s sort of what I want - OOB Tile - but it takes a bit more finagling than I’d like to get my basic effect.

here you go. this might help
tiles.skp (59.6 KB)

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