Is the SketchUp App compatible with Chromecast?

Or, are any Sketchup products compatible with Chromecast?
Or, has anyone been successful mirroring a Sketchup project wirelessly on a remote TV/monitor?

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I use an HDMI cord but I’m sure my.sketchup would mirror without any issues.

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What @ad_1011 said!

The mobile viewer apps on Android and iOs may already work as well - needs testing!

I just tested the viewer on Android with my Chromecast. You can get it to work - but NOT from the viewer! Instead, open the “Home” app (formerly the Chromecast app), tap on the hamburger menu at the upper left and select the first option “Cast to screen”. Then switch to the viewer - Presto! There it is on my TV!

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I tried it on my Samsung phone which runs Viewer OK. I could cast the initial screen OK as above but it didn’t work after that.
Anyone had other experience?

ANY of the SketchUp web versions should work just fine when cast using Chromecast. After all, they run in a browser window. If you’re using the Chrome browser, and your device has Wifi (Necessary for Chromecast), you should be all set.