Is my current 2-in-1 laptop good enough? Are there any graphics tablets (XP-Pen and others) that work well with SU '18 Pro?

I just bought a student license for $179 with SU Podium 2.5 Plus and Dibac. Specs = 2-in-1 15.6" HP envy x360 windows 10, 64 bit OS, ram 16gb, intel uhd graphics 620 (so I think this means it’s integrated graphics & from a little bit of research intel integrated graphics are sub-bar but it’s possible I am wrong on that), intel i7-8550u cpu 1.8ghz 1992 mhz, 4 core, and “adapter ram 1.00 GB”.
I want to know if using the tablet mode of 2-in-1 laptops like mine is an actual option for Google Sketchup 2018 Pro in the first place for architectural work. I don’t mind not using the tablet mode, but if most people (if you can show links to reputable sites or show strong reasoning) come to that conclusion then I’d like to know. I will be getting a graphics tablet in the near future (approx. 3-6 months down the road) so I also want to know if there are any (Wacom, Huion, Ugee, XP-Pen, etc.) products that are good to use with my workflow - I use Photoshop for logo design & making textures/materials & SU for architecture designs and occasionally applying said textures/materials from PS. If needed I can provide more info regarding my workflow for more context or anything else if asked.

Did you know that you might not be compliant with the EULA of (most) Software Companies?

In general, Trimble’s SketchUp works best with a ‘dedicated graphic card’ and a three-button mouse, and for fast workflow, keyboard shortcuts are a must. If there is an extra graphic card in a 2-in-1 laptop, it is likely to be located in the keyboard-half, so tablet mode is not an option (gestures are not supported)

Btw: At last, Trimble bought Google’s Software, yahoo!

To be clear, when I said workflow I did not mean that I’m doing commercial work. I simply bought the student license because 1- I’m a student and believe I have the ability to purchase this right now ( I cannot afford the 695 right now), and 2- I want to learn how to use the Pro tools more properly using my own “hands” (mouse and keyboard), If anything I don’t see how I’m breaking EULA if I am proven to be a student who is not using Pro for commercial purposes along with the 2nd condition not being the intent of my purchase - just simply to learn how to use solid tools, etc. I don’t think learning on my own and paying with my own money would constitute R &D. I can’t be watching tutorials online, reading documentation, practicing in my head & not have the access/ability to actually try it out.
Also I did go to your profile and you seem like a veteran of the software, and a professional in his field, so I am inclined to believe that you could provide insight/solid advise on the matter. Am I wrong to buy a student license just for access to the Pro tools just so that I can learn hands on even though I have no classes that use/require SketchUp at my university (I searched our catalog and there is no mention in course descriptions nor course titles mentioning ‘trimble’, ‘google’, or ‘sketchup’)?
Honestly, this has me extremely worried as I try to be covering my bases as often as possible and frankly this if freaking me out significantly…but nonetheless thank you for the info you mentioned.

I showed a snapshot of the Eula of SU Podium, because I think the price you payed is much to much for students:

SU Podium student license is about 95 dollars, dibac’s commercial license is about 45 dollars, student license less, so you could also have a educational license of SketchUp Pro, which is about 49 dollars.

3D Design for Educators | 3D Modeling Software for Students | SketchUp for Education

That screenshot is from my reseller Creation Engine which sells rhino and other 3d ___ software. I actually did not find that page that you listed. And I was off in my first statement it was 169 not 179. From Creation Engine’s site I looked at the regular $ for dibac and Podium v2.5 and these prices in the img are slightly discounted. If anything my biggest concern is if was a waste to get the 169 version if I have to buy dibac & podium again when I eventually pay the 695 when I have saved up some more money.

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